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We are located in
Rosedale, Queens

Age? 11-14 ages
When? 1st and 3rd Saturday of Every Month

Youth group meet ups
When the youth leadership program is not in session. 
  • Building community

  • Small group discussions

  • Fun activities leading to self-discovery 

  • Connecting with peers

  • Influential Guest speakers

Youth Leadership program


Through a community outreach the participants will learn how to be Leaders in their home, school and community.


This program comes with:

  • Group coaching

  • 1:1 Coaching check-in calls 

  • Community outreach

  • graduation celebration

  • 1 family connect day

  • Empowerment discussion

  • Hands-on activities.

How can you help?

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This workshop was enlightening. I opened up to people that i didn't think I would. I felt comfortable. It help me get through thing; I could not talk to my parents or other people about. I am Lamoured Up.

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