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ABOUT OUR workshops

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Our workshops focus on supporting our students in overcoming current challenges that may be stoping them from stepping into leadership roles.

Our workshops create a window to identify each participant's needs and how they show up in their everyday lives. 

We focus on emotional mental and spiritual growth. 
Emotional Growth: Our workshops allow participants to identify and their inner feelings, attitudes behaviors in connection with how they show up in their everyday life creating new possibilities towards a desired outcome. 

Mental: We provide participants with the opportunity to explore their ways of thinking and perspective  in order to identify what has not been working and what has been working to achieve their desired results. 

Spiritual: Most people struggle in life because they are fighting battles not realizing that some challenges need to be faced with a power greater than themselves. Everyone is entitled to believe what they want to believe spiritually. We respect all our participant’s beliefs and spiritual practices. During our workshops we offer a Christian based belief as we refer to God as our higher power, as well as divine creator.  You are free to interoperate these beliefs as you think best or not think about it at all. Some people have adapted to the concept of God as they have individually understood and interpreted God. However, you choose to interpret a power greater than yourself is up to you. What Is important for your growth process is identifying, committing and developing your relationship with this higher power. 

In essence we are always looking to be in service to those who aim towards growing past their challenges, we continue to practice and see the benefit of supporting individuals in developing their GEMS! (Growth Emotionally Mentally Spiritually) 


How our workshops work? 





Everyone learns and takes in information differently. We are intentional about how we conduct our workshops. 

Experimental Learning

Experiential learning is the process of learning through doing. At our workshops, participants engage in many activities in order to have a hands on experience. This provides on the spot results, awareness and  moments of clarity. 

Learning through experiences: At our workshops we create a safe space for participants to share their life experience. When sharing life experience, we have discovered that fellow participants learn from one another, and successfully build support and relationships towards long-term achievements. 

Facilitator effect:  Our trained facilitator has the ability to adjust the workshops according to the participants' needs. Everyone gets to feel like a leader;  participants are taught early  that the facilitator is there to guide them through the workshops, but they have the power to the direction the workshop will go.  

Celebrate: It’s just that! Life is worth celebrating! Our goal is to end all workshops with each participant celebrating themselves and one another. This motivates, and inspires the participants to leave with the momentum to begin a life worth celebrating.

Divine Vision Board Experience:  In this vision board experience, participants  will  Go through a transformation that can only be led by the holy spirit.  Participants will go through a process of releasing, Identify who you are called to be, and declare it in Jesus name, as they are supported by their church family.   


  • Identify and clearing process.

  • Create: an opportunity to create a vision board with the support of others and a result driven coach.

  • Execute: Learning 3 steps to manifestation of vision/goal.

Pricing for all adult workshops:  $75 per person

  • 10 people minimum

  • 30 people maximum

  • All materials included with the exception of vision board experience.


* Restrictions now Due to COVID. Masks are mandatory.



​Winning Staff- Corporate training


  • increase participants awareness of unconscious bias and how their bias has played a part in their way of living.

  • Discover Blocks and limited mindset beliefs that will lead to better performance

  • Gain Knowledge to useful skills and tools to support work life balance.

  • •Build teamwork that creates an inclusive, engages, innovate work environment. 

 Equip for the purpose (vision planning): Equip strong  teams of leaders in growing the kingdom of God.  This workshop will leave participants empowered, inspired, and motivated to step into what God is calling them to do as effective agents of change and leaders. 


  • ​Create a beneficial vision plan for success

  • Learn impactful Strategies for  Growth. 

  • Practice Building  on Emotional intelligence

  • Build on a winning identity using effective tools

  • Learn the skills to connect and build strong relationships

Pricing for all adult workshops:  $90 per person

  • 10 people minimum

  • 30 people maximum

  • All materials included

  • Private, church, and schools (schools’ prices will differ) 


* Restrictions now Due to COVID. Masks are mandatory.

Team Building

Empower my students



Level up - Game show

Questions and interactive games that empower & motivates Students to thrive as  Leaders. 

Promotes:  Social emotional skills.  Growth mindset, Character building

$750 per hr - $100 each additional hr


Stance up  6-week program leadership program

 Objective: Students participate in weekly discussion, Focused teachings and activities that will promote social emotional skills, growth mindset, and team building to become leaders who create impact in their home, school, and community. 


Week 1- Personal development- introduction

Week 2-  First impressions- Character building

Week 3-  Superman vs Clark Kent - Character building

Week 4-  I am not my feelings- Social emotional growth  

Week 5-  5 components for success- mental growth 

Week 6- Stance up- Becoming the change- Action plan 

Week 7- Stance up- Becoming the change- Action (Teamwork)

Week 8- Celebrating your accomplishments. 


*Schools: $50 per Student per session

Workshops hours vary between school schedules. 

All materials will be supplied




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Becoming HER mini course: Teachings and practical application to identify your highest self to get  successful  results. 

I am HER- 6 week Cohort: Stepping into your power and purpose. 6 weeks of  coaching , teaching and small group sessions to successful accomplish goals, get long lasting results and evolve into your winning identity. 

Ignite your GEMS Mater class: Develop the 4 Principles of personal development that creates Long lasting transformation to live a full life and create impact. 



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Hey Young World Community Event (Summer /Yearly)

Connecting the youth with influencers, community members and organizations that strive to provide inspiration and hope to empower the lives of the youth.

  • Live entertainment

  • Food & Fellowship

I am HER:  Provides 4 hours of  powerful transformational work for women who are looking to create  an impact  from their testimonies. 

  • Training day includes

    • Ignite the power of your testimony 

    • Building Partnerships

    • 2-3 exercises -healing, breakthrough and transformation

    • Tools to take home 

Price: $99 per person

Equip for purpose- Community Event (September/Yearly)

​Receive inspiration, tools, & strategies,  create impact for God's glory.

  • Worship & Fellowship

  • Guest Speakers

  • Empowering word of the day

  • Tools to take home


Price: Seed Sowing


* COVID: Training activities are interactive. Therefore, masks are mandatory from both facilitators and participants. Hand sanitizers are used throughout the course of the workshop; space will be sanitized and cleaned before, during, and after the workshop. 

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