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God Appointed Personal Coaching


Work with:

  • Coaches that provide results.

  • Coaches who are passionate about their assignments.

  • Coaches who stand in the Gap with you. 

What’s included? 

All packages include Faith-based- coaching, action plan,  Call to actions, accountability check-ins,  coaching calls by zoom. 

6 weeks’ program include:

  • 1:1 coaching 1hr sessions via zoom. (1 call a week)

  • Personalized goal plan and framework

  • Specific tools for intended target area 

  • Worksheets

The main purpose of coaching is to get specific results based on your unique need. Receive a plan and framework centered around your success.  Work with a coach who is accessible,  motivational, and relatable.  Receive Accountability to improve self-awareness.

When facing life's challenges, it is much more difficult to have empathy, think creatively, control impulses, and make effective plans. With the support of a coach during this 8-week coaching program the Coachee can have more access to creativity, empathy, clear decision-making, and resilience, all of which are critical right now. 


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In a world filled with chaos, find purpose, clarity, peace, and self-discovery. Be a meaningful and accurate reflection of your true self.

The program is based on the individual's specific needs and desired outcomes. The Coachee will be provided with a plan of transformation, strategies, and tools designed for their unique success.  The Coachee will work with their coach from the very core and work outwardly from there.

This package is for those who feel compelled to putting in the work, to become the best version of themselves. This is for the person who wants clarity, and is looking to  dive  deeper for  greater self awareness.   This program is for those who are willing and ready to let go of  past hurt, do the work in the present  in order to create space for a successful future. 

8-week program includes: 

  • 1:1 coaching 1hr sessions via Zoom.

  • Specialized call to actions

  • Worksheets

  • Worksheets 

  • Individual coaching plan

  • Mid week communication check in Via Email


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LAMOUR EMPOWERS is a self-development organization that focuses on raising up leaders who will create positive impact in the world . We are called to build leaders of tomorrow.

Through transformational workshops, coaching programs and much more, we transform lives with love.  

Our leading principle is "God's got this." 

We have a passion for the youth:  This organization  supports our young generation into discovering who they are despite what they are dealing with in this world.  Workshop facilitators  are  able to share their  experiences with the students  as students apply principles to support their emotional mental and spiritual growth towards leadership. 

Mission: Our mission is to RAISE and EMPOWER leaders that create positive impact in the world. 

Vision:  Our vision is to build generations of leaders.  

Our core values are Love, Unity, Peace and Joy. 


LOVE: You have to love yourself and others through a divine love. Once you know you are divinely loved, you can love yourself and others freely.  

UNITY; Life is not made to travel alone. We believe in uniting and learning from each other’s differences. 

PEACE: We provide our participants with the space and tools to gain peace amongst the noise happening throughout the world. 


JOY: We believe in making the learning process enjoyable. Life is worth celebrating and walking in joy. Where the world can be dark, we encourage you to let your light shine. 

Gap Coaching
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"My students' experience are memorable, life changing and most importantly, long lasting. It's a blessing to see students transform their challenging past to a successful future"

- Stephanie


Dana Fusco
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Stephanie Lamour is a passionate social educator and youth worker. She has a deep commitment to ensuring children and youth have access to opportunities for their learning and growth. Having overcome her own obstacles to support herself and her family, Stephanie knows about resilience and empowerment first hand!

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My name is Leslie Peters, I am the Educational Director of Our Kids Place Country Day Inc. with locations in Queens and Long Island.  I've had the pleasure of knowing Stephanie Lamour for many years. She is the mother of four beautiful children who have attended our preschool and afterschool programs.  When I was first approached with her empowerment endeavor I was very impressed and happy to learn about the empowerment program she offered to young girls. Last Spring, she was able to conduct an empowerment workshop at one of our afterschool programs.  The workshop was extremely informative, well planned, and thoroughly engaging for our young girls.  The children got an opportunity to express opinions and issues that affect their personal and school lives. I look forward to more of her empowerment workshops and offerings.

Our kids place country day inc
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