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Stephanie Lamour

Finding Life's Meaning in Prayer

This journey was not easy. After graduating with my BA in Sociology, receiving my coaching license, as well as taking several top-of-the-line workshops, I knew I had a bigger calling. 


As a person who is passionate about self-development, I was always at a workshop that added to my growth. During these workshops, I realized that many people shared similar stories about their struggles, hurt, relationships and dreams of becoming successful. While connecting with some of them I realize how my story could empower someone's life. I have always been the go-to for relationships and spirituality but I wanted to serve on a higher level. I wanted to be able to support Women in recognizing their best selves. 

" I enjoyed working with them so much so that it was no longer about going to work. It was about meeting and supporting them the best that I could. "

During my journey I also had the privilege of working for the Department of Education and experiencing our youths. I saw girls who were dealing with self-image, lack of communication and peer pressure. I saw the gap that youths have between school life and home life as they struggled to be better students. My experience with the youths always leads to them needing to know just how powerful, important, and special they were. I enjoyed working with them so much that it was no longer about going to work. It was about meeting and supporting the youths the best I could.  

No matter where life led me, I began to see myself in people. I realized age did not matter. We all can use support in self-development. As an educator, I began to have the desire to educate people on how to overcome the same challenges that I once faced. I made a promise to God as long as he allows me to tell my story, as long as he sends them to me, I will continue to build and grow a spiritual-based service to support personal growth. It started off with a vision to support young girls and blossomed into a vision to support men, women, youths, families, and communities.   I have learned, "the young person that learns to self-hate turns into the adult who has a hard time to self-love." LLE has developed workshops, seminars, and events for the participants to discover and answer the question, “Who am I?”


I am Stephanie Lamour, a mother of four beautiful children, a wife, an educator of life’s effective tools and strategies. I am also a spiritually-inspired creator of a service that promotes the idea that we are seeds that need to be poured into to grow. I choose to plant and nurture seeds. I believe we are created to grow together.

Reonard Lamour

Reonard Lamour has been uniquely blessing families, communities and individuals through his gifts and talent of mentorship, production and entertainment; a gift that has influenced and inspired people in living their best lives. It is his God given task to escort those who are willing into a realm of infinite possibilities, while celebrating their selves, their triumphs and their loved one.​

Reonard attended St John’s University, until he herds his calling to service. Reonard has worked with various production and entertainment companies, traveled to multiple venues and has produced/planned many events in his 20 years’ experience in live events planning.  

Lamour (6).png

Reonard discovered he enjoyed spreading light and love through the music he played and having the privilege to meet people from all walks of life. Wither it is motivating and encouraging youths through his many school events as a Master of Ceremony or Game Show Host.   Motivating families on the dance floor during a party, or filling up a venue with excitement at a corporate event, Reonard is great at his craft, bringing the best out of people while having a great time. The Lord has allowed Reonard to build with his wife Stephanie Lamour, an empowerment organization that teaches mental, emotional, spiritual growth through many services and products.  Reonard prays that the challenges he faced prior to stepping into God's calling will be of support to other young people in the world that are struggling to be herd seen and loved. In addition, Reonard uses his gifts and talents to reach individuals globally through virtual game shows and events. Through all his challenges Reonard has learned he is a powerful, loving and authentic leader.  He is excited to continue supporting people to discover their power within. 

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