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We cannot do this alone.

Growing together is illustrated as a relay race. Rather than running the race we call life, separately, we get to tag each other in.  


Most people feel that they have to go through life alone. They feel unsupported. There can be times where life can get overwhelming. Imagine how you would feel at the end of the finish line running a 5-mile race, compared to running a relay race where you can tag someone else in as you all reach the finish line? This is what we at Lamour Empowers refer to when we say "we grow together."

We believe in GROWTH, FAITH, LOVE, and PRAYER.

Reminder: We cannot do it alone! 

We pray that as we give support we get support. 


If you believe the youths are the future,

If you believe in being a blessing towards others    

If you have been empowered by Lamour Empower's tools or strategies 

If you have been inspired by any of our services 


You would make a great seed investor.


A seed investor is someone who has been inspired, motivated or driven by any of our services, and would like to support us in our growth. 

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