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My name is Leslie Peters, I am the Educational Director of Our Kids Place Country Day Inc. with locations in Queens and Long Island.  I've had the pleasure of knowing Stephanie Lamour for many years. She is the mother of four beautiful children who have attended our preschool and afterschool programs.  When I was first approached with her empowerment endeavor I was very impressed and happy to learn about the empowerment program she offered to young girls. Last Spring, she was able to conduct an empowerment workshop at one of our afterschool programs.  The workshop was extremely informative, well planned, and thoroughly engaging for our young girls.  The children got an opportunity to express opinions and issues that affect their personal and school lives. I look forward to more of her empowerment workshops and offerings.

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Stephanie Lamour is a passionate social educator and youth worker. She has a deep commitment to ensuring children and youth have access to opportunities for their learning and growth. Having overcome her own obstacles to support herself and her family, Stephanie knows about resilience and empowerment first hand!

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